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The Giver written by Lois Lowry and Pleasantville directed by Gary Ross both explore a societal void of deep emotion, wisdom, or even freedom of choice within each text’s community. Both of texts explore the drawbacks of such voids, yet they examine these concepts in different ways. What follows is a critical analysis of the ways that human existence is explored through the similarities and differences presented in each text. Knowledge is power. It is the key that overcomes past faults and builds experience in one’s self. In Pleasantville knowledge is very constrained and happens to be extremely rare compared to the “perfect” society of The Giver. Although the citizens in The Giver “live under the rules”, knowledge is present through schooling, and is explored in depth through only a few people such as the Giver and Jonas (who can see colour and feel pain). Even in a “perfect” world such as this, knowledge is very important as it shapes the present as well as the future of individuals. Pleasantville in contrast, shadows people from knowledge. In schools for example, students only learn the dimension…show more content…
It helps one to realize the importance of not being alone and understand one another. Pleasantville portrays this important bond through Bud and Margaret. While the two are on their midnight picnic, they both learn to open up and become human together. In The Giver, this experience is seen through Jonas and the child (Gabe). When Jonas decides to take Gabe with him away from the condemnation of the community, this truly shows that Jonas does care for Gabe. To be able to share personal feelings and connect with others in an unforced way can be seen as a form of true happiness and both of the texts portray that. Although both of these relationships are portrayed differently with family and partners, both texts highlight the importance of close the relationships that one must make to experience

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