Beowulf's Ideal Characteristics In The Anglo-Saxon Culture

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In the tale of Beowulf, Beowulf is a hero who exemplifies the ideal characteristics in the Anglo-Saxon culture. Some of these characteristics include : and all come together to make up an epic tale. Beowulf attains the virtues, respected in the Anglo-Saxon culture. Beowulf displays these virtues in his own actions and words during different circumstances throughout the tale. In William Shakespeare’s Macbeth, the protagonist Macbeth makes very poor decisions. His actions were made off of influences from his wife Lady Macbeth, the fear from the three witches’ prophecy, and also his own ambition. The poem begins with three witches at the cross of the moor telling Macbeth and Banquo the prophecy. Following this event, Macbeth writes a…show more content…
Most of Macbeth's decisions are made because of his wife’s influence. Lady Macbeth is deceiving and evil. She even questions Macbeth’s manhood and lies to get what she wants. In Act Two Lady Macbeth exclaims, " had he not resembled my father as he slept, I had done't", meaning that if King Duncan did not look like her father she would have done killed him on her own. Overall, Lady Macbeth is ruthless and uses her husband to gain power while her relationship with him miserably begins to…show more content…
However, at the beginning of the poem, he is scared to go through with killing his king, but eventually he wants the powerbad enough that he goes through with it. He may have been influenced by Lady Macbeth and the witches, but no one forced him to do what he did. Macbeth carried out the action of killing the king on his own and others in the process. His ambition spirals out of control to the point where he kills Banquo because he suspects that Banquo knows something about Macbeth killing the king. Without thinking twice Banquo is killed within an instant proving Macbeth has turned into something else, someone who has completely turned

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