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The Giver is story about a utopian community where pain, war, hunger and prejudice, but also love, music and colour do not exist. When children hit the final ceremony of Twelve, they are assigned to a job, which is usually suited to their preference and ability. However, Jonas is selected to fulfil the position of the Receiver of Memory, a job that requires Jonas to endure the pain and pleasure that once were present many years ago. Conformity is a prevalent theme throughout The Giver. The concept of conformity is clearly shown through the society’s adherence to the strict rules and regulations governed by The Elders. For example, every family unit is the same and has to consist of two children of opposite genders and two parents, a father and a mother. When a person applies for a family unit, their spouse is chosen for them, along with their two children. In addition, career paths are given to children at the ceremony of Twelve. Everyone is assigned a purpose in life and no one dares to question it. People…show more content…
One character that demonstrates this is Jonas. He chooses to escape to Elsewhere, so that he is free from the emotionless society that dictates the way he lives. “And now he was starving.” “If he had stayed, he would of starved in other ways.” “He would have lived a life hungry of feelings, for colour, for love.” Jonas made me understand how life is practically not worth living if you’re deprived of emotion, because he would rather starve of food than be “hungry of feelings, for colour, for love.” This I can relate to our world in which people commit suicide because of the lack of feelings and love. Like Jonas, some people would rather die than live a life without love and emotion. Usually, people who commit suicide are depressed. Depression means that you are deprived of life, which refers to the deprivation feelings and

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