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The assignment is on the TV advertisement and their success elements. Advertisement plays an important role to sell any product. An effective advertisement not only brings new consumers but also generates good sales. The three advertisements are as follows:- 1) Nescafe- stammering Comedian:- Nescafe is associated with the strong company named Nestle. The Nescafe word is made by the combination of two words Nestle which means miracle and café means coffee. The logo of Nescafe is a red mug with the Nescafé written in the vertical position. This color gives emphasis to energy. Coffee is mainly attracting the youth group who love music because it is prepared in just five seconds and family oriented. Therefore the advertisement contains a peculiar…show more content…
Today there are many encouraging advertisement where some ad has left smile on the face and some with deep emotions. Nescafe ad always tried to connect with audience emotionally. The Nescafe ad that is the story of a struggling standup comedian contains all elements of emotion. Today everyone loves to hear true stories of struggler. The solid point of the advertisement was the way the stand-up comedian (Hussain Dalal) has told his story with an emotional knock. Today every people gets connects with any product with the way the advertisement tell their stories and not just tell about the feature of the product or packaging. Every people today have less time and more work and they want everything instantly with great level of satisfaction. But the Nescafe ad has focused on the power of determination where it tells that we some way or other we always cascades but one should get up and achieve that very motive. During this time of difficult period we have to even face our family member and friend but there is always one person in every one’s life who always standby in our journey and motive…show more content…
This most part has put a great effort on the masses across the world. The ad is full of entertainment, joyful, and sparkling. Mainly the motive of advertisements is to expand the sales of the product and raise the brand value and earn profit and because of this most of the time the ad is made which are either meaningless or irrelevant. But today advertisements which touches one’s heart is more important as t give the feeling that the mortality is still in this world. This most things are done by the coca cola ad with a tag line ‘Open Happiness’. This coca cola ad has taken step to bring together the masses who work away from home. By this step the brand will not only gain the profit by the increased sale but also bring happiness in many peoples life. Not every time words are important to express the feeling but also the expression can be shown to express the happiness. I love the concept of taking the cosmopolitan and certainly stylish icons for such ad and putting them in enormously in rural scenarios that charm the masses across the country. 3)

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