Attractiveness In Advertising

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The researcher reviewed various books, research articles, journals, and websites and found following studies relevant to the topic. It is impossible for an organization to earn some place in market and become a known brand without investing in promotional campaigns through advertising (Hussainy et al., 2008). In this dynamic world, any information whether of product or service by advertisers need advertisement to be share. The reason maybe there is accessibility of thousands of viewers of hundreds of channels of this era. OUTDOOR ADVERTISEMENT Outdoor advertisement has many benefits with respect to other mediums but the most important is that “your audience can’t zap, discard or even click away from it” (Business Wire, Dec. 4, 2002, p.6).…show more content…
Model itself has some characteristics like age, gender, fame, style and nationality. (Till & Busler, 2000) explored that there was a strong effect of attractiveness of the endorser on the attitude of consumers towards the product/brand and the intention of their purchase. Research conducted by (Kahle & Homor, 1985) has also shown that the recall rates of a brand are higher when endorser is attractive as compare to unattractive one. The celebrity endorser is define as a person who enjoys recognition of public and uses that recognition on behalf of a customer good by appearing in a particular advertising. There is always a positive impact of celebrity endorsement on buying behavior of customer (Ahmed and Ashfaq, 2013).The best example of this is Czech model Eva Herzigova’s traffic stopping billboard advertisement for Wonderbra has been declared the most eye catching advertisement for past few decades. The image featured a huge photo of Eva’s cleavage. The add sparked a sensation when it was unveiled in 1994 and resulted in not only stopping traffic but also the cause of many accidents as commuters stared at huge roadside poster. The ad propelled her fame and stardom around the world. The advert has also won public vote as the favorite “iconic” advertising image by outdoor media Centre, trade body for outdoor advertising (Daily mail reporter,

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