Sprint Persuasive Essay

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Advertisement is a notice or announcement in a public medium promoting a product, service, or event. One of the four biggest companies named Sprint attracts many viewers in American. Their Advertisement it designed to attract to purchase electric devices and services. Sprint has the wealth and power to show this advertisement to the viewers that go daily on the internet. Many viewers that can’t afford the internet finds out in different ways of advertisement. Unfortunately, advertisement is increasing further out to reach everyone, and Sprint advertisements persuade the viewers to offer a good deal by electric devices and services. Many ads want consumers to buy their product. Such as, advertising is present in selling goods that we claim to need and want. However, different companies take their time to know how to persuade to us, but they designed to offer us something positive in return.…show more content…
Such as, color, texts, image, and promoting a product. Not to mention, in this advertisement it persuade us to buy a select Samsung Galaxy phone and get the same model free. Even though, it offers a delightful deal, yet Sprint satisfy to purchase their product. For the purpose of sprint, it makes the audiences to want to get the offer now. Especially, Sprint shows images of the devices, yet above the image theirs enormous words that say ‘BUY ONE GET ONE FREE’. For this reason, this ad is making us want to purchase the model right now, and offers to think critical. Indeed, Sprint represents a bright yellow color, which stands out the viewer’s attention. Therefore, yellow shows the mind optimistic and cheerful to make the consumer to get full attention to the advertisement. Yet, Sprint offers us wireless voice, unlimited texts, and broadband services through its various advertisements. After all, we view or observe color, texts, image, and a product on an

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