Cocofloss Case Study

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A Relatable Problem Have you struggled with finding the motivation to floss daily? From dental appointments to commercials and products, there’s no doubting how vital flossing is for our teeth. Even with this knowledge, it’s one of the most overlooked parts of daily routines. If you have found yourself skipping the floss a time or two, know that you aren’t alone. From the difficulty of technique, to reaching the back of your mouth, or finding the right product and flavor, flossing can be a struggle. Looking for a more effective flossing solution? That’s where this Cocofloss review will come in handy! What is Cocofloss? Cocofloss is a fresh approach to flossing for both better hygiene and genuine enjoyment. If you find yourself dreading the moment you need to pull out the floss, this might be a great option for you. With…show more content…
There are several brands on the market already producing multifilament floss, so what makes Cocofloss unique? As you might expect, multifilament is extremely common due to the “multi” fibers lending strength to the strand as a whole. This floss is also considered “woven,” and though it is stronger, it may have a tendency to fray or shred since it doesn’t have a continuous nature. With Cocofloss, however, the strands are even thicker than with other brands of multifilament floss, which creates more friction to truly scrub plaque away from between your teeth. As this floss is thicker, it will also be less likely to catch between your teeth or on fillings, similarly to how dental tape works. This thick strand of multifilament is soft on your gums and cushions your teeth while you floss. In my experience, I have had far too many types of floss catching on my fillings or crowns, which always makes me nervous. Knowing that this floss has a larger strand makes me feel better about a smaller chance of damaging my

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