Importance Of Study Strategies

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I never realized just how important and helpful taking a class that is solely based on strategies to help people improve their study habits would be. I feel that study strategies has set me up for my future both near and far. I feel more ready to take on high school and college, which is definitely a good thing because I hate going into new challenges blind and with little to no prior information about how to succeed there. Study strategies has made me more aware of where I was with studying before this semester, how far I have come, and where I still strive to go in not only my study skills but my education as a whole as well. First off, I feel that I was not in a good place with my study strategies before this class began. I knew close to…show more content…
I used to severely underestimate the time I would need to do assignments and projects because of my lack of time management skills. Now I adjust my weekly schedule every week for what I will be doing in that particular week so that I know when I need to do assignments in order to complete them on time and with quality work. I also used to create unrealistic goals that I wanted to achieve but could not because it would just be too hard or too lengthy. I now know the GPS strategy and use it to create realistic, effective goals that have a purpose. Nevertheless, there is a study strategy that I discovered I had already been using before the start of the semester. I had already been using the SQ4R reading system because I had learned about it in my life skills class in middle school. I have only used the SQ4R reading system in my history class and my science class in high

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