Overactive Bladder Syndrome Case Studies

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The following is a case study of female client Patricia Miller had been diagnosed with overactive bladder syndrome. Overactive bladder syndrome is a syndrome where a person regularly forces by his desire to pass urine and this sensation cannot be delay and can be happen anytime during the day or night without any warning. She currently was taking on medication of 5 mg Oxybutynin twice daily. Mrs. Miller complained that the side effects of Oxybutynin result her mouth to feel very dry. We can conclude from her situation that she having nocturia and urinary urgency. There are two muscles involve during urination process which is detrusor muscle and urethral sphincter muscle. In normal bladder, detrusor muscle will contract when bladder is full and urethral sphincter will relax and thus the urine forces out from the urethra. For the patient that having an overactive bladder, the contraction of detrusor muscle will occur although the bladder is not fully filled by urine. This is the reason why the patient that having this syndrome difficult to control their urine output. In the human urinary bladder, M2 and M3 receptors are expressed predominantly with the M3 subtype mediating direct activation of contraction. Overactive bladder syndrome occurs of uncommon mechanism of M3 muscarinic receptor…show more content…
Miller complained that she having side effect while taking Oxybutynin which is dry mouth. Oxybutynin is a non-selective antimuscarinic agent which is an agent that binds to a specific receptor that located at all part of organs that have the same receptor. For oxybutynin, it binds to the M3 receptor at detrusor muscle to make the muscle relax and at the same time, it also can bind to the other M3 receptor at the salivary gland. For that reason, it will make an inhibition of the salivary gland that secretes the salivary fluid. As a result, the patient that consumes oxybutynin will get a side effect of dry mouth and this is the side effect that had been experienced by Mrs

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