Masculinity In Old Spice

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In this exotic Old Spice advertisement, the advertisers use many different visual elements to define masculinity in a stereotypical way that will most effectively benefit themselves. This particular advertisement conveys the idea that masculinity means being confident, powerful, athletic, popular, skilled, and finally, successful. Old Spice uses a specific model, his stance and facial expression and the setting of this advertisement to display what they think a true man should be like. One of the most important elements in this advertisement is the Old Spice model. By using this particular man, the ideas of athleticism, popularity and power are clearly shown. The model, Isaiah Mustufa, played in the NFL and is also a well known actor. Many…show more content…
By using this luxurious setting, the idea of success is extremely evident. The beach is majestic and very scenic. The sand is snow white and appears to rarely be walked on, showing that not many people visit this area. The water is clean, clear, and calm which is rare for any beach along the United States coast and there are no boats or planes cruising along the peaceful ocean. Clearly he is at an exotic location. Judging from the caption, “Smell like a man, man” one can assume that the advertisement takes place somewhere in the Caribbean, which can be extremely expensive to visit, so the man obviously has a plethora of money. However, not only is the man on the beach, but he is dressed like he just came from work. This shows that he has extra time on his hands and does not worry about his clothes getting damaged at all. The Old Spice man is also riding a beautiful white horse. Throughout history, horses have been a sign of power and success, and only the elite warriors or the wealthy were able to have them. The effect of this setting is to create the idea of wealth, comfort, convenience, and power by using many subtle details to create an instant assumption of

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