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Master Plan: 1. Build a sports car. 2. Use that money to build an affordable car. 3. Use that money to build an even more affordable car. 4. While doing above, also provide zero emission electric power generation options. Mission Statement: Our intent is to offer a compelling customer experience while gathering rapid customer feedback and achieving operating efficiencies, better control over the costs of inventory, warranty service, pricing, and the development of the Tesla brand. Tesla’s Principal Marketing Goals: To generate demand for vehicles and drive leads to sales teams. Build long-term brand awareness and manage corporate reputation. Manage our existing customer base to create loyalty and customer referrals. Enable customer input…show more content…
The Tesla Roadster was not only efficient, it was also fast and drove like a true sports car. The segment was dominated by males because of the sports car aspect of the brand and the availability. Positioning: The Tesla Roadster was marketed as a high-end luxury Sports car that was fully electric and able to compete with other high level luxury cars performance. While the price was not cheap, it was cheaper than many other high-end sports Cars that were on the market at that time. It was not made to compete with the sedans, but with the two-seater car market. The all electric vehicle also provided an incentive to environmental conservative drivers, allowing for zero emissions as they drove. Current Target Market: The current customer of Tesla is purchasing the Model S vehicle that is priced at 70k. The customers are successful business executives and entrepreneurs who are also city dwellers that are tech savvy and green friendly. These are wealthy and early adopters whose income levels put them in the upper-middle class segment. The following budget can followed for the effective promotion of Tesla’s…show more content…
Segment: The segment of the market is individuals looking for a premium luxury car with the added benefit of being fully electric. Tesla is targeting individuals who are upper-middle class baby boomers with typical incomes of over $100,000 which is based on 77% of buyers falling into this particular segment. Ideally, more males are inclined to purchase vehicles, so when we market our strategies. Positioning: The Model S is posting as a luxury car with great performance that simply has the added benefit of being a fully electric vehicle without sacrificing style and performance. This high-end luxury car is not missing anything from a traditionally European luxury car and that’s how Tesla wants concept to be. They do not want to convey that it is primarily an electric car because at the moment, electric cars do not have a sexy or glamorous reputation because of the cars they call "hybrids" that have horrible performance and style. New Target Market: Target: In order for Tesla Motors to keep growing and into the future, it is important to expand their target market to reach more consumers. This target market will be pinpointing the young professionals that are looking for an entry level luxury

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