Thermal Comfort Case Study

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Thermal Comfort of Body Mapping Sports clothing in Hot Environmental Conditions Introduction Thermal comfort is the condition of mind that expresses satisfaction with the thermal environment and is assessed by subjective evaluation (ANSI/ASHREE Standard 55). There are six primary factors that directly affect thermal comfort that can be grouped in two categories namely personal factors and environmental factors. The personal factors are metabolic rate and clothing level, the environmental factors are air temperature, mean radiant temperature, air speed and humidity. The metabolic rate is decided by the human activitylevel.The heat loss from the body is decided by the clothing insulation value, the speed of body movement, openings in clothing and climatic conditions. The amount of thermal insulation of clothing worn by a person has a substantial impact on thermal comfort, because it influences the heat loss and consequently the thermal balance. Layers of insulating clothing prevent heat loss and can either help keep a person warm or lead to…show more content…
(Kitteringham, 2006) Conventional clothing from the same material and fabric structure has a limited ability to provide balanced comfort for all the local body parts. In order to improve local wear comfort and thermal comfort, special textiles with different fabric properties may be used for different body parts. Body mapping may be developed in three ways first by using and placing different fabric materials on different body parts, second by changing fabric weave/knit structures within one piece of target fabric, third by a combination of the above two. (Wang, et al., 2014) So Body mapping clothing may be defined as the clothing design mapped to the sweat and heat production and dissipation patterns in the various parts of the

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