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The American auto industry have changed drastically over the past decade. With the great recession that hit the American economy in 2008 people are not only driving their cars longer they are opting for smaller and smaller vehicles with better gas mileage. The American car company, Tesla Motors is a fine example of the future of the American car industry. Tesla Motors derives its name from the electrical engineer and physicist Nikola Tesla whose largest claim to fame is his AC electric generator. Tesla Motors began in 2003 with the recent advance in technology at the time mainly the advances in the area of lithium ion batteries Tesla Motors sought to design a high end roadster that was completely electric. Tesla Motors was able to achieve…show more content…
The company prior to the first car even being designed decided that if they were going to make a car company in America that was a competitor and relevant that they could not follow the former America idea of cars. They had to think outside of the box and come up with something that no one else was doing. The main car companies in America have operated for generations on the idea that they will tell consumers what they want. They built cars that were not relevant to what the consumer wanted and they were slow to react to the changes in the market. Other car companies in America like General Motors, an American car company based out of Detroit, Michigan that has been in the business of making cars for over 100 years have credited Tesla Motors with inspiring them to make more modern vehicles that utilize new technology in 2007 the Vice Chairman at the time for General Motors credited Tesla Motors and more specifically the Tesla Roadster as being the inspiration for the Chevrolet Volt, a plug in hybrid…show more content…
Tesla Motors however is a wonderful rebuttable to that model of business in the industry. Starting with a high end vehicle that cost excessively more than the average car gave Tesla Motors a name in the marked. They are associated with class and style their next model the Tesla S is again a high end vehicle but it is not as expensive as the Tesla Roadster and is more intended for day to day driving. This was Tesla Motors first attempt at a sedan style vehicle and it surpassed it sales expectations

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