Importance Of Ecotourism

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What is ecotourism? Normally, natural travel can be called as ecotourism. Eco came from the Greek words called ‘OIKOS’, it means the habitat and it is an abbreviation of the words ‘ecology’. This word actually came from the scientific study of the relationship of living organisms to each other and their surroundings. Therefore, in this point of view, ecotourism means ecological tourism; whereby ecological has both of the social content and environmental. According to Page & Dowling (2002), since most of the definition of ecotourism have been explained, it is not so much as a word but a philosophy and a commitment which evolved from environmental awareness of 1960s, there have been various flow of thoughts about ecotourism. Besides that, ecotourism…show more content…
The objective why ecotourism run this environmental conservation is they want to let the people know that they want to create a better world’s natural resources. For example, the world’s natural resources are coral reefs, wildlife and landscape. These action and thinking are to prove that they want to protect the natural environment through the creation of Marine Park, wildlife preserve and national parks. These expenses for the conservation work is brought out by tourists through entrance fees, accommodation fees and transportation fees. In addition, ecotourism can also let the people know that they can assist to protect ecosystem by restrict the damage of logging, land clearance and…show more content…
However, ecotourism is a good industry for everyone and also environment. Ecotourism provide better services to the people in order to increase the income and image of the country. Moreover, ecotourism can improve to a better stage in any aspect. For example, government can give ecotourism a special training to increase the skill of them. So they can educate people to know more about environment. People will know how to cherish the environment and the condition of environment will remain balance. So ecotourism means no harm and they bring a lot of advantages more than disadvantages to the

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