Effects Of Program Evaluation

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Introduction Federal, local and state governments have many functional policies and procedures, as well as programs, the success of which depends on how effective these governments utilize program evaluation data or findings. This is to say that program evaluation, which entails assessing the programs’ aftermaths, advancements, designs, and implementations, would be meaningless if the findings thereof are not appropriately employed in making improvements to the overall functioning of the governments. This paper addresses whether or not program evaluations affect the conduct of government, and the extent to which government decisions and functioning are responsive to program evaluation data. In particular, the paper addresses the effect that…show more content…
However, there are perceptions that the levels of utilization of program evaluation findings are very low, compromising the overall goal of investing in program evaluations. Indeed, Orszag (2009) mentions that numerous crucial federal programs remain formally unevaluated, and the findings from those that have been evaluated have insufficiently influenced program priorities in terms of budgeting and other administrative practices. As a consequence, the initial intention of program evaluation, an area where the US federal government has greatly invested, is felt to have been overlooked. The observation that it is difficult to establish whether or not some federal programs are still operational extends the perception that there is evident inactiveness in the utilization program evaluation outcomes. This owes to the fact that program evaluation centers and offices with adequately staffs are nonexistent in a majority of government agencies, and that evaluation funds are channeled into immaterial researches. Orszag (2009) argues that an area that the federal government has overlooked is that of evaluating the program evaluation approaches to identify those that are effective in terms of cost and other program evaluation…show more content…
In that regard, the United States government, and all other governments should relentlessly accentuate the importance of utilizing program evaluation outcomes in influencing decisions, sustaining consistency, and directing all proceedings involved in their programs. In addition, government operations should have provisions for capacity building and training for effective utilization of program evaluation findings. This way, any inconsistencies, and inadequacies surrounding the effective use of program evaluation findings are definitely

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