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When it comes to evaluation, the design method you chose to evaluate can determine the type of date you can work with and recommendations you are able to provide. One method of doing research is using qualitative designs. Qualitative designs differ from quantitative in that they use words more than numbers. Quantitative data is concerned with collecting numbers from large samples and using statistics, researchers can describe and generalize what is happening between variables. On the other hand, qualitative research overs a more detailed story. Qualitative design methods seek to understand the program participants, the environment of the program and the experiences associated with the program. For this reflection I will be designing a…show more content…
The intended outcome is that the mothers will have improved parenting and their children will have improved health and well-being. My evaluation design goal is to focus on what happens between the mothers and children in the program. Essentially, what is the development of the participants over time? Also, with this, I want to know if the program effective? Is it achieving the intended outcomes it was made to achieve? Were these outcomes due to the program? These questions all align with a formative and summative evaluation and this can help determine the type of evaluation applications I use. I can use both forms of evaluation because I want to evaluate how well the program was implemented and if the objective were met and the intended outcomes were produced. Evaluating these areas will provide a more detailed answer to explaining the relationship between the mothers and children within the…show more content…
In doing this, I can better determine if the quality of parenting for the mothers has improved because of the program. An approach I can use in my design method is to use outcome mapping. The authors’ state that this help avoid a linear cause an effect logic, which many qualitative evaluators try to do. Outcome mapping can answer the question of program effectiveness by describing the changes that are expected and then observed. In detail, this method documents the performance of the program over time and if the program contribute to the development outcomes. So, is the program offering what is intended to? Is the program improving these mothers’ quality of parenting? With these three qualitative design methods, I will be able to evaluate the development of the relationship between the mothers and the children and if the program was

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