The Importance Of Information Architecture

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CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION Museum is a place where the ancient history is kept and preserved. Some museums delivered the information about the history by using a brochure, wall labeling, audio guides and have a guided tour that will walk through with tourist. Mobile guide application is an aid which may help visitors to know more about some history in the museum to gain their knowledge and explore new experiences. Museum audio guide needs a short-wave radio broadcasts as the visitor will listen to the information that had been coded in the program. Visitors have no other option over what they listen or when not listen the audio (Tallon, 2008). In 1990s, visitors need keying the code in form of number to use the audio clips placed by artworks…show more content…
The term of “information architecture” was proposed by Richard Wurman in 1975 in describing transformation of some meaningful information to use by people. Definition of IA. Information architecture (IA) is referring to a field of studies that concentrate on solving the fundamentals problem which include accessing and use of a wide amounts of data available (Resmini & Rosati, 2012). Furthermore, Rosenfield and Morvielle (2002) has stated that there are others definition of IA which are the integration between the organization, labeling and navigation program within an information system. IA is also a form of structural design of an information system to provide an easy access to the content and completion of task. It can also be describe as an art for classifying web sites and intranets to enable individuals to discover and oversees data. In addition, IA is concentrate on guiding the principles of design and architecture to the digital landscape (Rosenfield & Morvielle,…show more content…
It is suitable for apps that have similar theme (MacVicar, 2013). The users will easy familiar with the functionality of the app because the pattern has sections that group together at the toolbar of the menu (MacVicar, 2013). Figure 5. Bento Box/Dashboard pattern of IA for mobile. (Source: MacVicar, 2013) Bento box or dashboard using components to display the content that directly detailed from the index screen (MacVicar, 2013). Due to the complexity of the pattern, it is suitable pattern for tablet rather than mobile (MacVicar, 2013). Initially, it allows the user to assimilate the key information by depending on the well presentation design of the interface and information clearly display. This type of pattern gives advantage on the multi-functional tool and content-based tablet that have same theme (MacVicar, 2013). Figure 6. Filtered view pattern of IA for mobile. (Source: MacVicar,

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