Commentary On The Article 'The New Normal' By David Brooks

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In the article “The New Normal” by David Brooks, he states that USA’s future depends on how it handles the national debt problem. Additionally, Brooks goes on to say that there are three principles that we should follow to approach the problem correctly. The first one is to make everyone hurt. This means that the sacrifice should be made by everyone instead of singling out a group of people. The sacrifice would be bearable if everyone had to take the toll. The second austerity principle is to trim from the old and invest in the young. Therefore, we should stop investing so much money in the elderly that do not have much more life to live, and we should invest in the development of the young. The third austerity principle is to never cut without an evaluation process. Furthermore, to list all options of budget cuts before making a quick decision. He goes on to say that the…show more content…
The government should stop investing so much money in the final months and years of someone’s life, and start investing into the people who have the rest of their lives to live. If we fulfilled this principle, it would cause a giant butterfly effect in the right direction. I do not agree with how most states are cutting programs from school that effect children negatively. Cutting the amount of class time from students is a terrible way to save money. There are so many more ways on how to save money besides killing a child’s education. They could increase class sizes and make consolidated schools. My high school consolidated this year and now has a lot more to offer to students. We now have more clubs for students, better school lunches, stricter guidelines, and just overall better schooling. This happened due to cuts of teachers that did not deserve a job in the development of children. Taking away programs like band, art, sports, drama, and vocal music only takes away a child’s privileges of expressing themselves as an

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