Informative Speech On Child Education

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Ivy: Good morning parents and students, my name is power and I will be your emcee for today. We will be starting the conversation with Minister Gay. We will be starting the talk in 5minutes time. (5 minutes later) Let put our hands together and welcome Minister Gay. (Applause) Jason: Good morning, parents and students. I am Minister Gay and I will be answering any questions that you all might have with your child education and proceed to other questions or anything you would like to see in the future. Ivy: First of all, Minister Gay, what are your thoughts on technology that will help the students’ education? Jason: Technology will help the students in all sorts of ways such as research and learning new stuffs from the internet. It will also…show more content…
Jin He: So you said that technology would help my child, however, don’t you think that this kind of technology will backfire my child learning process? Jason: No, it won’t back fire the children learning process as you can set the parents ‘guide to limit where your child can access other than all the distracting websites such as facebook, youtube , twitter, Instagram and etc. Wei Lock: Why the education for my child is so much harder compared to my eldest son? Jason: Nowadays, technology are very advanced and it needs a lot of theory and new skills to adapt to the environment that we are having now. Jin He: But this is causing our children being stressed out in their studies. Don’t you think that they need more childhood rather than studying each and every day? Jason: This is why we are having Co-Curriculum Activity (CCA) to relieve their stress and they can meet more friends that might be able to help them in their studies. (Silence 3 seconds) Ivy: Minister Gay, since you brought up CCA…. Isn’t the CCA making the children have lesser time to…show more content…
So Minister Gay, what are your thought on this questions that these parents have gave? The first question by the first parent is why is the teacher being or are they being bias to the students? Jason: Some of the teacher may seem very bias but they are not. They are just trying to carry on the class for the faster students and for those students who are learning slightly slower, we actually have a foundation program for them to catch up in their studies. Ivy: For the second parent question is why the teachers are pushing the responsibilities of teaching to them. Is this a form of the teachers are not doing their work? Jason: The teacher may not have the meaning of pushing the responsibilities to you all but it is just for them to gather the opinions of your parents to let us teach your child better as not all students study the same way. Ivy: Thank you for your response. Now we will move on to the irrelevant questions which you can ask other questions other than education. Therefore, parents, do you have any question that you would like to

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