Causes Of Child Loneliness Essay

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Introduction In this study I am going to investigate the causes of child loneliness and how it leads to different social problems. I chose this topic because loneliness in one’s childhood causes many social problems in the world today including suicides. It would be interesting to dig deeper to research the main problem and see how people deal with this health issue. Background Information There are many causes towards loneliness. Not to mention there are also many types of loneliness, but when it comes to child loneliness it would be much more of a complicated problem. When a child is lonely, it is usually caused by family problems such as their parents getting divorced and not getting the needed attention from the parents. Or it could be not having any friends and their parents are migrant workers working in another city. They get to only meet their parents twice a year or even worse, none. According to the Random House Dictionary, a Migrant worker is “a person who moves from place to place to get work, especially a farm laborer who harvests crops seasonally.” (Random House Dictionary, 2017) The…show more content…
The more they want, the more they pressure the children. For them, their kids studying is more important than school life and socializing. All they want is for their kids to get achievements in order to let themselves show off. These parents pull their children away from the “social life” they’re supposed to have and make them think about only their grades. The more pressured one is, the more stressed and lonely they feel. They need that amount of social life to relief the stress. Being lonely will only increase stress of the children which then will also in the end lead to suicide. Every year Pakistan has children suicide due to these problems. For example, there was a 14-year-old boy from Malakand in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa shot himself because he failed his exam for the 3rd time (Zahidi,

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