Essay About Death Penalty In The Philippines

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“A seven-year-old girl was raped by three men and stabbed to death” “A Boy beheaded by his uncle” “Man kills wife out of jealousy” (Inquirer News). These are just few of the headlines that show heinous crimes continue to plague our society. The society has long been driven by hunger for peace and justice and so the Philippines has embraced change. Along with the new administration comes a new society –or perhaps a society attempting to imitate the past. Filipinos are so fed up with corruption and crimes that the extrajudicial killings are still not enough to satiate the hunger for justice in the society, specifically the administration. However, these killings are striving to breach prison’s walls. After being forgotten and buried in the past, the punishment that commenced heated debates for years nationally and globally and was abolished several times in the Philippines is attempting to find its way back to the society once again– the death penalty. This contentious issue has resurfaced again when the new President Rodrigo Duterte declared, “I’m asking for re-imposition of death penalty so that…show more content…
In addition, the society has a duty to execute a criminal especially if he or she is proven guilty. (Montague 12) Pres. Duterte stated that the death penalty for him is a retribution that makes criminals pay for the crimes he or she committed with their lives and they deserve it. (Romero) He plans to inflict the punishment of death on rape, murder, especially on criminals associated with drug-related crimes who are now identified as in a bestial state. Pres. Duterte view these criminals as beyond saving and imminent threats to the society and citizens, reasoning that they are better off dead than to be given a chance to commit more crimes.

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