Female Empowerment Analysis

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Several critics seem to assume that for one to endorse the values of female empowerment, they must represent the image of overt liberation over those who seek persecution covertly. However, that is not the case; female empowerment describes a woman’s struggle to break from societal bounds. Liberations can manifest as words or actions made to reinstate one's rights and control. These efforts are in the narrating persona of Melissa Febos “Whip Smart,” as well as Sylvia Plath’s "Daddy." These works depict fights against oppression by particular males, as well as against the systematic oppression of patriarchal society. In both cases, the narrators achieve personal empowerment employing their mastery of literature to reverse gender roles and challenge gendered power structures, resulting in their eventual liberation.…show more content…
Growing from a young woman who was humiliated by the duality of her sexuality, to a woman who reclaims her sexuality through her sexual experiences as a dominatrix. Although not all feminists think alike, some of them would probably dispute Febos's claims; that being a dominatrix can result in female empowerment. Ultimately, these critics believe this line of work leads to the disempowerment of women and creates a hostile persona. Feminists theorists such as Andrea Dworkin and Audre Lorde both echo the following views, "women facilitate a complex and contradictory negotiation of pain, pleasure, and power in their performance in the fetish realm of BDSM... is linked to female sexuality and violence."(410) These ideas are by extension, a reflection of the negative patriarchal connotations and the stigmas that are attached to BDSM. Nevertheless, Melissa Febos memoir, emphasize sexual agency mainly in support of female

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