Essay On Negative Effects Of Social Media

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Social media is like a platform where people can communicate with other people, share their information and ideas with one another primarily through the use of some tools and application of cell phones and internet communication. The social media can be considered as a community or a network where different people let says users are interconnected with one another. The most common examples for the social media are facebook and twitter that i am sure all are aware of. The e-forums and blogs are also included to be in social media tools because it's also an effective source of sharing information, ideas views with other people interacting. It allows you to interact and communicate with different other people and also can do discussion and debates too. Social media nowadays is considered as a main part of online communications and interactions. Every user is utilizing this social media up top to his own need and requirements. Businesses are using social media as a medium for marketing their products and services to their customers and consumers across the globe and they are getting a pretty positive response. For the promotion of their brands and a source of…show more content…
Limiting oneself to this online world only. One needs to physically interact with the living ones too. One needs to find time for their families and friends too. IT is like a habit to most of the people. I will tell you about myself if open facebook everyday not sure why i open it but the first thing i do i wake is to open my facebook account. I have also seen people that are telling things they do in the forms of statuses. So yeah every coin has two faces the head and the
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