Effects Of Social Media Essay

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Effects of social media With the new age of technology comes the many negative effects from social media and other networking sites. Business owners are very interested in selling people their services, but what they do not say iis how they put an individual at risk. Social networking has become the new thing within the past decade. There are many advantages to being with the new age and being connected to the world with a touch of a finger, but how much of the information that is given away is actually harming the identity and health of an individual. Social media has become the new source of identity theft and anxiety. Many of the children and teenagers are under pressure to keep up with the newest look and many adults have come to shopping…show more content…
Social media is the fastest way to spread news. There is no guarantee that the news being told is correct. Sixty- Four percent of people that use Twitter admitted to reading or sharing a story they read that they later discovered was false news. In the 2016 election false news about two candidates was shared on facebook a total of thirty- Seven million times. These fake news stories about individuals have lead to acts of violence and threats towards the individuals. In December 2016, a twenty- eight year old man was arrested after firing a shot in a Washington, DC, Pizza restaurant (Are Social). The man had read false information on social media claiming a pedophile ring led by Hillary Clinton was operating in the basement (Are Social). A university of Michigan study found that when false information was shared, even when the person found out it was false, they never corrected or deleted it to let other individuals know that was false information. Thirty percent of the fake news comes from Facebook. Facebook has the most fake news coming from people using their site. Sixty- four percent of the users see fake news on their feeds but only thirty percent of people share or read the post. Social media users are not likely to not talk about the news they see on social media so that makes it less likely for fake news to spread by word of mouth and more online. Along with false information comes threats, violence, and lies from other individuals
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