Disadvantage Of Helicopter Parents

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Helicopter Parenting gained wide public concerns and was seriously criticized by mass media due to the over-protective parenting style (Locke, Kavanagh, Campbell, 2016) of the Helicopter Parents which are said to be negatively affecting children’s personal development (Shoup, 2009). Helicopter parents refers to parents who are overly engaged in daily issues of their children, especially in education (Ginott, 1969). Helicopter parenting usually begin when children starts their study as Helicopter Parents would like to pave a good way for their children to study in a good environment, thus obtaining a well future prospect. Helicopter Parenting was majorly criticized as interfering children’s personal development (Shoup, 2009) as children will…show more content…
Helicopter Parents tend to spend most of their time with their children, or said to be hovering around them (Hunt, 2009). Helicopter Parents will enact a well-planed schedule for their children to follow everyday (Fingerman, 2012) and will monitor how well their children are following the plan. When Helicopter Parents’ children encounter difficulties, as Helicopter Parents always tend to stay besides their children as mentioned, Helicopter Parents will try to solve the problems as soon as possible, determine not to let those problem affecting their own children, and providing the best environment for them to live in. Children are young students who cannot concentrate on their own study easily and without the biggest distraction which is about basic life issues, students with helicopter parents can focus more on study. With less distractions, students with Helicopter parent can also spend more time on study and increase study time suitably can bring a positive outcome in academic (Son,2000). Research also found that children with Helicopter Parents do focus more on study as encouraged by their parents compare to other students (Hunt, 2009), thus having a higher chance to obtain better educational outcome. As a result, Helicopter Parents should be reconsider in terms of…show more content…
Educational outcome affects children’s future career prospects and personal development. Having a better result in high school can lead and provide aid for students to study in subjects that they are interested in during tertiary education. The freedom sacrificed by the students now may bring them more choice in their bright future due to their excellent educational outcome as shown by the positive educational outcome and long term benefits brought by Helicopter Parents. A good high school academic result may not represent that teenagers will succeed in their future but good result does provide more choice for their own future. Though Helicopter Parenting are in extreme means but all Helicopter Parents had done is because of their love and care towards their own children and the effects are clearly shown. The positive outcome in terms of education should worth Helicopter Parenting to be reconsider to adopt as an educational means despite the strong

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