The Education Establishment's Success By Walter E. Williams Summary

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Brandon Leonard Professor Dorsey Texas Gov. 2306.305 5 November 2014 Could the Past Help the Education System Work? The article “The Education Establishment’s Success” by Walter E. Williams questions if we should be proud of our education system in America. Do Americans even know if their educational system is slacking? Walter focuses on points where America had started slowly sliding down the education standard. Walter uses examples of current events where they show that people in America are accepting of nonsense like the president and his speech tactics of hope and change, and how he promised it and it got the crowds excited so when he mentioned that he could change the oceans depths the crowd still cheered him on. Have Americas educational…show more content…
What would happen to all the other subjects? The educational system in America is a house of cards, and if we mess with one card in the tower then it will affect the whole thing. History is very important because we need to remind ourselves of past mistakes so it won’t happen again in the future, but science, math, and english are also very important too because the world could not run if we didn’t have any knowledge of them. Focusing on one subject more than the others could slow down the process of learning and hurt our system even more. The quote from an article about education says, “Our current obsession with formalized methods of accountability distorts learning and takes the pleasure out of teaching” (Kay 1). This says that America Is too focused on taking tests and how taking tests affects the process of learning and teaching. This is a good example of changing something that affects the educational system and if we changed it then it would help the process of learning. What if we did change our standard of history and focus more on that then the other subjects, the learning process would slow down. We would fall behind more than we are…show more content…
My 12th grade United States Government teacher Elizabeth Woodley said “We learn from our mistakes throughout history so it doesn’t repeat itself in the future.” (Woodley). My government teacher always thought that we can change our future if we just remember the past and focusing on history could change the outcome of current events now or ones in the future. We would uses history as a blueprint for our construction of the future and it it would help the educational system rise in standards because we would be more careful next time with approaching such manners like war, elections, and economy crisis’s. If we had forgotten our history we would be on an endless loop of mess ups which could affect the education standards greatly helping us make no progress in our goals of education. The focus of history would help us reach higher standards in America’s educational standard system. The possibility of it affecting the other subjects is possible but more and likely wouldn’t happen. We the people need to understand what the education system is at this moment and how it’s on a slow decline. Helping to focus on our past will reinsure our future for us and our kids making it easier on us and future problems. Life would slowly get better for the average American and it would

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