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INTRODUCTION Education is the base of life. It makes a nation. It helps to make the futures bright. It gives the ability to think positively. It is also a source of evolution. _”Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”_ ~Nelson Mandela~ CAUSES OF LACK OF EDUCATIONAL FACILITIES Education is very much important for the progress of a country. A lot of countries provide its people with best kind of education and they also provide best educational facilities to its people. But there are also some other countries in which this basic necessity is not provided or if it is provided than the facilities are not as much to meet the needs and requirements. Such problems are mainly seen in either developing or in under developed states. There are very many…show more content…
Finance for education in Pakistan is not allocated. Due to it, there are lesser and fewer schools built and if built, they don’t meet the standards. A lot of funds are also provided by international community but those funds are not enough for catering the issue. Due to this the quality of teaching is also harmed and lesser number of teachers are available to teach and they are also not properly trained so this effects the educational system as a…show more content…
There are less skilled people in the country who could work for the country. Due to lack of educational facilities decline in teaching staff could be seen. Due to lack of education, people are unaware of the new technology and they have no know-how about it. Less number of people are employed than the rate of poverty eventually increases and the ratio of poor people in the country also increases. Due to lack of education many social issues are also born such as street crimes, robbery, rape, gang violence, theft issues, drug use etc., is

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