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Think about what educational system was like in the early 1900’s. Now think about the educational system today. The educational system has changed substantially since the introduction of public education in the mid to late 1800’s to the modern day educational system that many of us are aware of today. Back in the old days schools used to be equipped with slide rulers, chalkboards, and typewriters. Now modern day schools are equipped with electronic calculators, smartboards, and computers. However, now the educational system needs another adjustment. The educational system today is flawed with the lack of teacher training, the high stress, high workload school environment, and that schools can’t prepare their students for life. Leon Botstein, author of “Let Teen-Agers Try Adulthood” addresses these key issues. However, Botstein states dramatic and head scratching solutions that will leave anybody wondering if Botstein went to school. On the flip side David L. Kirp, the author of “The Secret to Fixing Bad Schools” as well as Horace Mann, author of “Report of the Mass Board of Education: provide…show more content…
Students today are taught for standardized tests. The student becomes a test taker instead of a thinker and suffers from the dull routine and daunting task of passing standardized tests. Again Botstein realizes this as a problem the Modern school system is facing. He states “most thoughtful young people suffer the high school environment”. The school system was built on the interests of industrialization. School has become a factory. In factories there are sections that specialized in certain tasks such as placing the doors on a car, or sorting cracked eggs from non cracked eggs. Each subject is like a specialized section. One section for math, english, history, and science. Also the students are placed in a set of

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