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What is a gender equality, is it a new topics for us or just a tales which is been told to us from the past or the new generation scale of mind innovation. Is it necessary for the world or the society to prevail and make in practice of this topic? In the Indian society there is dynamic stereo of gender inequality within a state, society and the family. But why does it exist when the world has become the age of Science and Technology, since the time immoral we can see a gender base different in our world, this not a new things for us where as human kinds are acting like a blind sight in this area. In the religion, mythology, custom, practice etc. we can see the vulnerability of gender discrimination where the victim are mostly women. When we…show more content…
Since there are lot of inequality towards women, women start a movement so called feminism during Nineteenth and early Twentieth century in more developed countries like US and UK, women started struggling for right to votes, equal contract, rights to properties and later on it started spreading the idea of gender equality to the other side of the world. But it was not an easy road for the activist and the women who struggle for their rights since patriarchy is the base foundation of society. With progressive waves of feminism, women started to gain greater chance of education, rights to their own property, equal wages for both men and women, right to vote, equal rights in law. Women rights become tools for all the women who feel vulnerable and hostile with the environment. This happen in the Western where the Government and the society respect women equality and their rights, thus creating an environment where women can develop their potential at maximum. The ironic situation that trigger in reality is that thus all women get an equal rights even in the other country? Let’s take India our own country as an example. In India, cultural and traditional acts as a norms for our society and many people hold their cultural as a pride. But cultural made us murder and as well as create a greater opportunity for the gender inequality to exist in the society, thus…show more content…
We can see every individual have the equal rights and value in the social public. This is the prospects of what all the people are observing with scenario of social structure. But is it really happening even in our day to day life? Women enjoy freedom of equality and decision making in the family, but in society women are considered less important since in every society it is govern by customs and traditional which all emphasis on Patriarchy system which is male domination society. There are stories of women got beaten because their husband is drunk, which is also an act of physical abuse to women due to alcoholism. But the society sees it as fault of women since she should take care of her husband and her children, people assume that a wise women is an treasure for the family and her price is beyond the rubies has been talk by the religious book Bible. So everyone illustrate that a happiness lies in women hand. Everyone knows that sex is determine through father but some family ignore the fact and blame women for the fate which results in divorce between the husband and wife. Many factors are due to the pressure from the in- law due to unacceptance of women who cannot bore a son since inheritance of property and power are given to male. In religion, women are given separate domination but in common gathering women have a less

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