What Are The Impact Of Youth In Education Essay

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ABSTRACT Indian constitution has given all rights to everyone without any discrimination. But in practically it is still a myth for many Indians. Indian educational institutes imparting all together a very diverse and different education to youth. In the academic world Students show much differences in qualities. Each and every times the students need to be attended for their special need. As a part and parcel of educational system like resources, teachers and head of institutes conservative mindset, various social stigma and traditional ways of teaching and training, most often, institutions are unable to care to these learning needs. As a result, one section of population is going far away from the main stream education. The terms commonly…show more content…
However, in India, employment, unemployment and under-employment are all challenging youth issues. Adequate and appropriate employment at the appropriate ages is the key to successful development and exploitation of the human capital that youth represent. India is faced with a dual challenge in this regard: on the one hand, it needs to prevent youth from entering the labour force and working in exploitative and unskilled jobs before they have had an opportunity to mature, complete their education, and develop marketable skills; and on the other, it must provide for the full and appropriate employment of the youth population that has successfully completed its education or has acquired the requisite skills and is ready to enter the labour force. A large unemployed youth population not only puts the nation at risk of instability, but also costs the country in terms of productivity and health expenses. Some research suggests that one year of unemployment among youth reduces life expectancy by about five years (Sahni,

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