Difference Between E-Commerce And E Commerce

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Due to increased popularity and availability of internet access traditional commerce is considering e-commerce as valid profitable sale channel. However, e-commerce and traditional commerce are very different, it is important to weight carefully the difference between e-commerce and traditional commerce in order to decide if it would be good fit for business or just for a costly mistake. Selling online means learning new way of dealing with customer, marketing product and fulfilling order, but the benefits are great. Business houses can keep cost lower, reach a wider audience and do business 24×7, having time to focus on improving product and services and customer experience instead of being on the store floor waiting for clients. However,…show more content…
Since 1991,after economic reforms explicitly took place in India as a result of opening of the economy with a view to integrate itself with the global economy, the need to facilitate international trade both through policy and procedure reforms has become the foundation stone of India’s trade and fiscal policies. Resultantly, last few years have witnessed a technological revolution accompanied by the wide spread use of the Internet, web technologies and their applications. Electronic commerce (e-commerce) as part of the information technology revolution became widely used in the world trade in general and Indian economy in particular. As a symbol of globalization, e-commerce represents the cutting edge of success in this digital age and it has changed and is still changing the way business is conducted around the world. The commercialization of the Internet has driven electronic commerce to become one of the most capable channels frontier-organizational business processes. Consequently, Internet growth has led to a host of new developments, such as decreased margins for companies as consumers turn more and more to the internet to buy goods and demand the best prices1. The internet augments the traditional businesses to be transformed because ‘incumbents (in markets) and large firms do not have the advantage ‘just by virtue of being there first or by being of big’. The…show more content…
E-commerce provides multiple benefits to the consumers in form of availability of goods at lower cost, wider choice and saves time. People can buy goods with a click of mouse button without moving out of their house or office. Similarly online services such as banking, ticketing (including airlines, bus, railways), bill payments, hotel booking etc. have been of tremendous benefit for the customers. Online businesses like financial services, travel, entertainment, and groceries are all likely to grow. E-commerce evolved in various means of relationship within the business processes. It can be in the form of electronic advertising, electronic payment system, electronic marketing, electronic customer support service and electronic order and

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