Dumbo Violence

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Should Dumbo still be rated G? Is it true viewing violence contributes to the likelihood that children and adolescents will commit violence through imitation or social learning? One of many Disney 20th century films, Dumbo, involves three major adult themes of violence, drug use, and prejudice that are unfit for a G rating of “general audiences.” Because of this I believe Dumbo should be rated PG-13 considering the mature messages that are in the film. One of the three adult themes I saw consistently throughout Dumbo was racism. According to Steve Rose, “Racial pyramids persists through the animated realium; white voiced characters at the top; other ethnicities below; darkest skinned at the bottom (Steve Rose). Even if these differences…show more content…
For example in one memorable scene, Dumbo and Timothy mouse unknowingly drink alcohol the clowns spilled into Dumbo’s water tub, which is followed by the song “Pink Elephants on Parade” (Dumbo). This scene teaches children that when you are with friends drinking alcohol leads to fun times. Stated in an Adolescent Medicine Study “Children whose parents drink are four times more likely to buy alcohol (Dalton, 2005). So as children see this example being exposed by either friends or family they will gather the idea that alcohol is the only way of having fun and make bad decisions in the future referring to…show more content…
In the film Jumbo, the mother of Dumbo, attacked the tamers and showed major tension towards the people. Because of this scene children might lose the connection humans have with animals and become timid in their presence and/or believe that animals are harmful and deserve to be locked up. According to Joanne Cantor, Ph.D “The most direct way in which viewing violence contributes to violent behavior is through imitation or social learning” (Cantor). So after your child watches a tv show or reads a book they often imitate the actions being showed at an early age. Because most children are so immersed in our media culture, it’s possible that violence in the film Dumbo subsides acts of violence in

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