Explain How Did Portuguese Gain Leadership In Colonising Brazil

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How did Portuguese gain leadership in colonising brazil and What are the most important aspects behind the success of the Portuguese exploration? Portugal was considered to be the major exponents of The Age of Discovery, which began in the 1400s and continued through 1600s (it took place at the same time as the Renaissance). It was a period of time when the European nations began exploring the world. What motives did Portuguese have for establishing colonies in brazil and how did they explore? Preparing an expedition was very expensive and risky, many ships never returned. So, why did the Europeans want to explore? It was all because of money. Although, few explorers wanted to gain fame or experience adventure, but the main purpose of a voyage was to make…show more content…
The Portuguese fought determinedly against their invasion, dispatching strong fleets to clear the coast and by sending large missions to take possession of the land and combat the French and Spanish. In 1530, an expedition led by Martim Afonso de Sousa arrived in Brazil to establish permanent settlements but they banned the French. The Colonial Brazil had other conflicts apart from the French and Spanish invasions. The Dutch Invasion - Portugal had established commercial relations with the Dutch, who would be responsible for financing the sugarcane production in the Northeast of Brazil. Spain, however, banned any type of business between the Netherlands and Brazil to weaken the European nation. As a result, the Brazilian Northeast was invaded (to enter like an enemy) by the Dutch to take some Brazilian sugarcane plants to Antilles and make Brazilian sugarcane less competitive in the market. There was an attempt in 1624 in Salvador, but the Dutch were expelled from the territory one year

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