Corporal Punishment Effects

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The Effects of Corporal Punishment in Children Doris A. Garcia Houston Community College Professor: Dr. Matt Webster The Effects of Corporal Punishment in Children Should physical means of punishment be an option to discipline our children when they are misbehaving? The use of corporal punishment to discipline children remains one of the last holdouts of old-fashioned childrearing in the United States (Gershoff, 2010). Corporal punishment (or also known as physical punishment) is defined as the use of physical force towards a child for the purpose of controlling the child’s behavior, and is often used as a punishment (Rimal & Pokharel, 2014). It is inflicted on the child’s body with the intention of causing some degree of pain or…show more content…
Physical punishment sends a message that aggressive behavior is a solution to conflict. It is an ineffective way of teaching behavioral control, but can also have serious long-term effects on children’s wellbeing. Two studies from 1996 found that children who received physical punishment were more likely to experience anger related problems, physical aggression, marital dispute, problems with substance use, involvement in violence and criminal activities. A 2002 meta-analysis showed links between physical punishment of children and risk of poor outcomes in childhood, including mental health problems, physical maltreatment, as well as several adverse outcomes in adulthood such as mental health problems, aggressive behavior and antisocial behavior, and abuse of own children or spouse (Rimal & Porkharel,…show more content…
As reported by Gershoff (2010), an explanation as to why the findings concluded that mental-health was associated with children whose parents administered corporal punishment is because “corporal punishment increases stress in the short-term—stress that, if repeated and accumulated over time, can lead to the development of mental-health problems” (Gershoff,

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