Much Ado About Nothing Play Vs Movie

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Much Ado About Nothing Branagh's "Much Ado About Nothing" is my favorite version of this play, because it shows emotions and serious actions of the characters in a comedic way, which makes the audience be entertained and excited to continue watching it. The actors are wearing fun costumes and the movie is filmed in the summer sun of Italy. Warmth and joy surrounds the audience in a serious but funny version. Through characters like Dogberry, who watches out for evil around Leonatos castle, the movie gets even funnier. He doesn’t seem very smart but he talks very funny, which makes the audience enjoy the movie even more. First of all, I think the camera shots that are being used are a great choice. Matching the emotions and expressions the actors have to show…show more content…
Through light camera shots and the movie being played mostly outside and in the summer, the mood of the audience changes to happiness and joy. Compared to Wedons black and white version, color is key in making a successful and fun version of a play. I enjoyed the movie a lot just because it made me happy. Another important fact that I recognized in the movie was that lots of music was being played and dancing was an important part of it. In the middle of the movie was a small part of a music video with many scenes, which made the audience see joy and peace together with happiness of the characters. All in all, music was played especially in the end, when Claudio and Hero decided to marry. Many people where gathered together outside the castle. They were wearing colorful costumes and everybody was in a good mood. With loud music, hearable for the audience and the actors, the movie came to an end with a big dance on the wedding day. The happy end makes Branagh´s version of "Much Ado About Nothing" a fun but serious

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