Compare And Contrast Haitian And American Education

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I was born and raised in Haiti, a Caribbean country that shares the island of Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic to its east. I am from a small town called Cap-Haitian .I came to America when I was fifteen years old, and when I came here, I was shocked because everything was so different. I came to America for a better life and to enjoy the many opportunities that the country offers .America is a large country, full of many opportunities in contrast to Haiti which is a small country where people are struggling to make a decent living. Haiti and America share many similarities but their educational system, the way they raise children and the working life are very different. When I first stepped foot in a classroom in America, I was very startled because the atmosphere was very different. The classrooms were spacious and everything was neat; they were not a lot of students in a classroom students have to go to a different classroom after each…show more content…
In Haiti the classroom is neat and large, but not large enough to hold forty-five to fifty students in a classroom. Haiti’s testing system is much different than here in the United States. In Haiti, to be able to pass a classes students have to study and put a lot of effort in because there is no open book tests. No notes are allowed and students can call it a lucky day if they find only multiple choice question on their tests. Tests consist of a mixture of some multiple choice, matching, fill in the blanks and critical thinking questions On the contrary, in America, when student are taking test, most of the time they are allowed to use the book or have a sheet of notes. Test consist of multiple choice questions the majority of the time. Students can find some mixture of fill in

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