Prayers For Booby: Movie Analysis

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Prayers for Booby movie was directed by Russell Mulcahy, and is based on the book written by Leroy F. Aarons. The book was inspired by a true story. Aarons was also the founder of National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association. The movie portraits the story of Bobby Griffith a young boy who is suffering of depression, as he is not able to cope with his feeling of been homosexual and the pressure that is impose by his family and society. His mother Mary at the same time is struggling to understand what is happening to his son. Mary a Christian educated woman daughter of an intolerant mother towards homosexuality. As well as living in a community that religiously and socially was intolerant towards homosexuality. Therefore she does…show more content…
One when is a kid goes through a process of learning by social learning and cultural transmission, but what when what we feel, does not match to what one is seen and learning. This probably was Bobby’s first and most complicated phase where he questioned himself “what is wrong with me? “. Socially in most cultures homosexuality has always been a taboo. People have always tried to hide it because of the social intolerance to it. Most of the time leading to be label and be consider deviant. In social interaction the processes of labeling the individuals starts by how the symbols or way of behaving, such as face expression or hand move can be interpreted by the rest. The main problem in my perspective is how homosexual people can fight what their mind is telling to like or not, to enjoy or not; they cannot and they should not. The movie is portrait in the seventies where the social and clerical intolerance towards homosexuality was even greater than in the present. Bobby feels trap in a body that in the society perspective should behave in a certain way but in his mind he wants to behave in a different way. Similar to Kafka's “Metamorphosis”, he is seen by the outside and judge for the way he acts and interact rather that seen what is inside, the same children that his mom gave birth and loved since he was…show more content…
And it is stated that the homosexual desire is sinful and that it has to be rejected. That one is going to be presented with many sinful temptations through our life but that we have to learn to reject them in order to be a child of God. The Church is an institution and like one, it has hierarchies, rules, interest and a wide range of other aspects such as the ones that a prolific company has. This could be interpreted as well as the idea that even if some people, within this institution would like to break or change outdated perspectives towards certain topics, it becomes really challenging to go through all the institution parts. This lead to the institution of the Church to set the “right” and “wrong” and what is socially accepted or not. For that reason we can analyze it through a conflict perspective and how the power of a big institution dictates how one has to be or not. If the Church does not approve it then is socially not accepted and is seen as a form of deviance, again causing others to label what they think is different from the majority perspective. In the movie one can see how the Catholic education that Mary had and the community she lived in would not allow her to accept the idea of his son been gay. Her connection with god is based in the rules of an institution rather that the connection of her soul with something

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