Violent Video Games Cause Aggression Essay

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Violent Video games causes aggression. Anderson, C & Bushman, B (2001), said that exposure to violent video games could result to aggressive behavior. According to GAM as stated in the study of Anderson, C & Bushman, B, being exposed to violent media in the long run result primarily from the development, rehearsal, and eventual automatization of aggressive knowledge structures such as perceptual schemata. The more the player engages in these violent video games, the more he/she would likely to show aggressiveness as what he usually experiences in the virtual world. In the long term learning process, the relevant knowledge structures of a player could be changed through regular exposure to violent video games. As the player continues to become…show more content…
The regular use and exposure to violent video games may not be the only factor that results to aggression but it is the accumulation of the factors affecting aggressiveness, but, violent video games are considered as one of the major risk factors of aggression. Exposure to violent video games arouses the imagination of the player hooking him up to the virtual world. Because of this, especially if the player is a child, the manner of thinking would be easily manipulated leading to getting easily angry, impatient and…show more content…
According to Exelmans, L., Custers, K., & Bulck, J.V., the different video games do not have the same effect on the players. Violent video games affects the players more compared to non violent video games that show no effect at all. Violent video games results to aggressiveness which is then caused by change in perspective. Players of violent video games perceive the real world as what they usually see in the virtual world. Their perception of the world changes because of their exposure to virtual chaos and violence. Change in perception results to change of actions like being

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