Totalitarianism In North Korea

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North Korea, or Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, is one of the world’s hardcore communist nations with its capital city of Pyongyang. The nation follows the ideology called “Juche” which “emphasizes their political, economic, and military self-reliance,” and “asserts that the individual is the master of one’s destiny and encourages the North Koreans to work as masters of revolution and construction.” (Sawe) North Korea has the population of about twenty-five million people, and is located in the East Asia, occupying the northern part of the Korean Peninsula. To the north, North Korea is bordered by China and Russia while to the south, it is bordered by South Korea with Korean Demilitarized Zone in between to separate the two countries.…show more content…
In essence, four main aspects reveal the similarities and differences that lie between North Korea and the society of 1984. The inconsistent and unfair rationing of food and distribution of supplies is utilized to psychologically manipulate the people, the brutal torture and violence is exercised to inflict great fear in people, media manipulation and restriction is imposed to isolate the people from outside world, and the dictatorship of the leaders is implemented to control people with absolute power and to gain their obedience and veneration. With the occurrence all of these unfair actions, North Korea and the society of 1984 are capable of creating and maintaining a totalitarian…show more content…
The leaders’ egoistic actions show to prove that they work in arbitrary ways and that they are indifferent about the people’s needs. In North Korea, Kim Jong Il’s tyrannical way of ruling the country keeps people living in poverty and starvation. Above all, his unfair rationing of food supplies is the major cause that makes the citizens to starve. Kim Jong Il uses his power in avarice way in which he provides cheap foods to the citizens and also deprives their foods in order to feed the outsized military which is an essential for him to maintain his power. The unfair food rationing in North Korea is instigated by the overall dysfunctional government lead by its erratic leader. Due to these circumstances, North Korea had faced food crisis which led Kim Jong Il to force the citizens to eat less by only eating two meals a day. The incident of food crisis even worsened when Kim Jong Il attempts to adjust the economic system and initiate the nuclear missile programs. With the conflict of food crisis aggravating, Kim Jong Il desires to receive aids from food organization to improve the state. However, his effort has manipulated the citizens to solely believe that Kim Jong Il cares for them by making an endeavor to amend the situation,

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