Life Essay: Living A Weird Kind Of Life

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Living a Weird Kind of Life When I was little, I was the kid that would rather play with frogs and insects and splash around in the mud than with everyone else's toys. I was a little different as a kid, not always wanting to do what everyone else did. I didn’t want to shop at Justice, I hated wearing girly clothes, and I never bothered with looking pretty and painting my nails. When I was a little too old to be playing in the mud all day, probably around kindergarten/first grade, I loved to collect things. I had a sea of bottle caps, a stack of cards sent from family members, an endless supply of my “special” knick-knacks. I owned probably the widest variety of funky socks out of any other 7 year old in my class. Every piece of furniture…show more content…
At some point, I started taping everything to my wall, magazine articles, pictures, drawings, stickers, pretty much anything that looked cool to me at the time. I loved finding cool insects, making things, coming up with new and very strange recipes, swimming, and going to the mountains. , In fourth grade, I wore mostly black clothes and really wanted to own a leather jacket. Eventually, I wanted to dye my hair. It was bound to happen because I was so obviously in my “rebel” phase- The outcome was a mix of blue and pink highlights. Looking back at the pictures it’s clear that year was not one of my best in the fashion and beauty departments… I tried a few different sports throughout the years, tennis, softball, gymnastics, horseback riding, soccer, but hated all of them because I didn’t like being put on the spot and having everyone watch me. During fifth grade, I felt like a new era was approaching. Soon I would be going into middle school, I thought about how I was entering “The Big League.” I began to document everything. Writing weird stories, recording my dreams, and I kept a sporadic journal about my very busy fifth grade lifestyle. I remember being happy with my life and always having

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