Persuasive Essay On Drug Testing

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As mentioned in the introduction drug testing has advanced rapidly since its introduction into law and our society in the late 1980’s. Most Americans now accept drug testing as a normal part of the of the job search process. Many Americans because of their age can’t remember a time when there wasn’t drug testing laws. Not only has it become a new normal but drug testing has made its way into the main stream in many other area. One specific arena is in the field of professional and amateur sports. The international Olympics have long had drug testing for the elite athletes who compete. However, drug testing in major popular sports such as football, baseball, basketball, hockey and others is relatively new andhas had major ramifications since its implementation into these sports. Many prominent players have been suspended for testing positive for illegal performance enhancing drugs and even been banned completely from sports for repeated violations. Before the implementation of drug testing laws this would have never happened. It also begs the question of records in the various sports leagues. Because of drug testing many players who have broken performance records in their various leagues are looked upon suspiciously as cheating especially if they have a record of violating there sports drug testing rules. This…show more content…
They are routinely drug tested by their probation officers and by the terms of their parole. I believe this is a very good thing. We don’t want these types of individuals who show the propensity to commit crimes to be doing drugs. Thus in these instances again I think mandatory drug testing is a wonderful resource to help mitigate and control the risk of repeat offenders. Can you imagine that prior to the late 1980’s this wasn’t mandatory or routinely

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