Importance Of P Hysical Health

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P hysical health is a state and condition of the body being physically well and staying in shape. Physical health is the efficient performance of the body and its systems. Physical health is the ability to maintain a physical healthy living that allows us to get through our daily activities without unnecessary stress. It includes a variety of physical healthy behaviours like taking adequate exercise, proper nutrition and abstaining from harmful habits such as drug and alcohol. Physical health also includes learning about the symptoms of a disease, taking to caution to prevent further damages, and getting regular medical checkups to determine current health condition. It takes physical health to inspire sustainable performance. Without you there is no vision and there is no team. God made man a physical being. He gave…show more content…
Some Christians make excuse to partake in physical fitness practices. They believe that the spiritual dimensions of their lives are of supreme importance than the physical. But then they proceed to the assumption that their physical bodies are unimportant and may be neglected with impunity. They fail to understand that their spiritual lives are closely connected with the conditions of their bodies. If the body breaks down, you may lack the endurance and energy required to stay in a good mood or even spend extended periods in prayer. To keep your body healthy, you need to maintain a sound mind. It is not necessary or even desirable to put in long hours at the gym. A basic level of physical fitness can be attained in as little as 30 minutes, three or four times a week. Regular exercise leads to a healthier heart. You need to exercise hard enough to get your heart beating faster than normal. Exercise is one of the best ways of dealing with the daily stress of life. It is a tool God uses to allow us serves Him for more years. It helps to lose weight. It helps to make muscles bigger and

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