How To Reduce Drugs Essay

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Drugs are chemicals that will make a people feel ecstatic, excited and not awake during limited period of time. Drugs have a strong power to get people easily addict on it. Some of them cannot stop the temptation of drugs if they cannot control themselves very well. Drugs also will impact on the neurochemical balance in the brain which directly change and affect the way of a person’s body as well as mind works. Drugs are harmful to people which damage our brain, heart and other important organs as well as lots of side effects. Brain damage can cause a person that cannot speak or read correctly. Basically, it will make your brain not function in right way. Heart problems cause that one of the reasons while you smoke cigarettes. If a person is…show more content…
The government has outlawed its abuse with hard penalties. The relevant authority can organise a campaign against drug with schools, warnings by doctors and advertisements. People who were once drug addicts can also act as guest speakers to share their stories as well as warn the others not to ever contact with drugs. This is to create awareness among youth that to let them more understand about the effect of drugs. Next, competitions and performances can be held to raise the public’s awareness about this issue. Recently, a Chinese primary school located in Seremban has organise an anti-drugs campaign. The campaign has respectively in 4 categorise which are understanding the types of drugs, how the drugs damage our health, what kinds of punishment will receive by drug trafficker and how to avoid contact with drugs. The primary school has been invited a seniority of prison to give a talk. The seniority of prison has share his stories and some example to the students. He also explain on how was the drugs that damage a harmony of a family. He gives suggestion to students that do not get in touch with vapour. This is because a lot of drug trafficker will add in drugs into vapour. Therefore, the vapour might become

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