Statistics In Everyday Life Essay

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What are the applications of Statistics in our daily life? Introduction When people talk about Statistics, they always categorize it to a professional subject of Mathematics. It sounds like a subject only related to academic intention and the students are forced to learn in order to get enough credits for graduation. For the general, they tend to believe it is something far from their usual life. However, Statistics maybe much closer or even important and helpful to our daily life than we think. Statistics is the science of learning from data, and of measuring, controlling, and communicating uncertainty; and it thereby provides the navigation essential for controlling the course of scientific and sociental advances (Davidian, M. and Louis, T. A.,) Statistics can use to analyze a large amount of data, it will be more convenient for people to draw a conclusion, present the information more properly, and also make a relatively reliable prediction. Since that, Statistics can apply to wide variety of aspects which are strongly essential for…show more content…
For the most of the people, each morning when we open our eyes, the very first thing to do is checking the weather today. “What is the weather like today? Is it hot or cold? What kind of clothes should I choose to wear then?”, “Is it possible to rain today? Should I bring an umbrella just in case?” This is real question that the majority will consider everyday, weather forecasts are here to help. So, how are the weather forecasts made? This is made by analyzing large amount of historical weather data through statistical method to find out the statistical regularity of climate change and then use the the calculated information to make a reliable prediction about the future weather. If there is no Statistics, we will never know about the the possible weather change and it will caught us

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