Gerald G. May's Addiction And Grace

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The book, Addiction and Grace, is written by Dr. Gerald G. May. May served in the Vietnam war and afterward using his medical degree became a director at a community drug abuse clinic, making him very educated in the area of addiction. He has also written other books with similar topics such as Dark Night of the Soul and The Awakened Heart. His purpose of this book is to reveal how we all fall under the category of struggling with addictions, but to reveal alongside addiction the grace that is extended and the grace that we need to understand for ourselves and those who struggle with the darker sides of addiction as well. In the beginning of Addiction and Grace, May starts off with his journey of grace and his search for finding peace in God. While searching he begins to recognize his own patterns of addiction, even though they are not similar to the drug/alcohol addicts that he dealt with daily, he to had addictions that he needed to lay down at the foot of the cross and reveals his story. Along the way, May seeks many different spiritual outlets, but only finds his true hope and peace in the Lord. He continues throughout the book with a basis of focusing on the areas of mind, body, and soul and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit…show more content…
The spirit is probably the biggest area of reference, because after all, it is our spirit that will last in all eternity. The pattern is strong in this specific chapter in the area of love and how God created us for love, but many times our addictions get in the way. This chapter ties together the ‘grace’ in this book. May also battles the question of good vs. evil in this section which May says, “God knows that we are good; it is for us to discover that goodness.” (117). Confirming that the struggle and temptation of addiction can ultimately be the testing of the Lord for us to in the end reach our full

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