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Should students stay in school until they graduate? For those who want to earn more money, or are facing school problems, say “goodbye” to the trend of quitting high school. Research proves that dropping out of school does more harm than good because dropouts can and will face numerous life challenges such as; pregnancy, poverty, low self-esteem and depression or sadness. Why is graduating so important? The highschoolers of today are the workers of tomorrow and that is why many countries engage in trying to deter students from dropping out of school and it can change a person’s life quite a lot. Prodigies such as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Steve Jobs are famous dropouts but even they only dropped out because they were already independent…show more content…
Many reasons support my claim but one that will probably affect you the most is …… money. Almost every person on Earth is in pursuit of this one object and only achieves to gain more for their happiness, or their personal benefits. Lack of money can affect a person until their death! It is quite sad to think of an item that has such a hold on human beings. If a high schooler drops out of high school his chances of gaining money significantly drops as research has shown that those who dropout of high school usually earn an average of $19,540 per year whereas a young adult who finished high school and earned a diploma earns an average of $27,380 per year. A $9,000 difference is a lot considering the fact that it is almost half of what a high school dropout earns per year. That $9,000 could be used in investments, mortgages, and so on. The lack of this money can also lead to poor morale, self-esteem, and possible theft, jail-time, starvation, poverty, and etc. The average high school dropout earns about $12.75 an hour. High school dropouts also earn 4 times less money than the a college student who has 4 or more years of college education. Attending high school is very important for your future career as it can increase your income dramatically and help you make good decisions as

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