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The Salvation Army is a helping organization that has made life changing impacts in the fight against poverty around the world. The salvation Army's founder’s are William Boothe and Catherine Boothe. William Boothe was also an English religious leader and social welfare pioneer, which means that William wanted to help people in poverty to have a better life and . The salvation Army started at the east side of London in 1865. Boothe started the Salvation Army because they lived in poverty and wanted a new life, so they wanted to change people from living in poverty so they got the idea to create the Salvation Army. “ To preach the gospel of jesus christ to the humans in needs of no discrimination” The Salvation Army helps the people in poverty by helping them provide for their families. They help the parents of younger children by giving them presents for Christmas. The story of Michael Corr was very special because he had a goal of ringing for 284 hours one day Corr wheeled his motorized wheelchair into a mall when he saw a lady take off her apron and set her bell down. When he went up there he picked the bell up, without thinking he started ring the bell the lady came back and…show more content…
The wife said that this was the best day of her life she has a 13 year old kid, a nine year old kid, and a 12 week year old bay the mom said that Christmas what definitely not gonna happen but that it was and how blessed she felt because she did not think that she was gonna be able to give her kids a presents. The dad and the mom said that the feeling they felt when they saw the smiles on their kids faces was the most amazing feeling ever that she wanted to be able to bless the Professional Football player his name was Wr Adams

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