Linda Lee's The Case Against College

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College, contrary to popular belief, is an excellent source for gaining and retaining knowledge that provides the ability to find a job straight out of school. Linda Lee, in her prompt The Case Against College, states how college is not important or appropriate in a man/woman’s life, because it is just as easy to acquire a job with no degree. “Not everyone needs a higher education,” is how she ends her introductions in this case (Lee). Attending classes and working towards earning a bachelor’s degree is the best bet, especially in today’s tough economy. Competition in finding a reasonable job is getting more difficult as the job market shrinks. Seeing as this article was written in 2001, times have unnoticeably changed. Back in that year, it was simpler to get a job without any type of degree. For example, in 1996 my mom did not attend college, but instead started working at a business enterprise called (at the time) Beverly Hills. She has been there now for almost twenty years and has been promoted many times as the years progressed. Now if one were to try to apply there, they would need no less than a bachelor’s degree.…show more content…
If this statement is true, then next to every person in America should have a high paying job without attending college courses. With knowing people who do not attend classes or have a well paying job, I can say that more students than not get overwhelmed by all the work assigned to them. This causes the students to become stressed out by the deadlines and drop the course. After dropping a class they are pressured to find a job at a local restaurant or department store, which theoretically is not a “successful”

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