Do You Want To Achieve Goal Case Study

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Chapter 2: Do you want to Achieve Your Goals? (1000) • Creating your mindset to succeed Everyone in this world has its own goal. Whether to win that football game on Saturday night, claim the employee of the year award of your company or to be able to spend a nice and relaxing vacation at the Maldives. Creating your mindset to succeed is the very first step when achieving your goal. This is where it will all start. This is the part where you can create your plans and how you can make it happen. This is where you will think of strategies on how you can overcome the challenges that may keep you from achieving your goals. This is going to be the blueprint of your goal. You would always hear people saying “It’s only in the mind”. Yes it is. Most of the time, successful people in the world start with a goal; they visualize their plan and make it happen. Why? Because no goal or dream just appear from thin air. Planning and setting always comes first.…show more content…
You focus your mind power and emotions to it and it becomes very powerful depending on how much you want it. It will depend on how hungry you are to succeed on this specific goal. More often than not, the success of your goal depends on how you think. You have to be passionate on this goal. You should ask yourself, what are you passionate about? What is your purpose in life? When you are able to answer those two questions, you will realize that this goal that you have set up for yourself to succeed is really for you. You’ll realize that there will be no “what ifs” and you will be able to keep that burning passion to achieve your

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