Short Story: The Snows Of Kilimanjaro

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The snows of Kilimanjaro RAK It was a bit after midnight, the storm was abating, but the quarrels culminating. There was silence, only the rain and whistling wind could be heard. Harry was lying on the cot, covered by a blanket, his leg hurt him so much that he bit the pillow. ''Give me a drink, you bitch!'' ''Darling, please don’t call me names, you know I love you and you shouldn’t drink any alcohol, it harms you!'' Helene replied. ''You’re not my boss, if I want a drink I will get one! Molo, bring me some whiskey!'' He shouted Harry and Helene were getting more and more drunken. He was falling asleep. He imagined being in his hometown. It was a few days after the First World War had broken out. Everyone was afraid and stayed rather…show more content…
He died in a plane crash, but his body was never found. A tear came from her eye. Nope, he saw me having sex with our chambermaid and he wanted to tell you. So, so you killed him? She started crying. Yes Helene stopped controlling her anger. She took a knife and jabbed it at his neck. He just squeaked and fell from the cot. It’s the first time you’ve done a good thing. Whispered Harry. Helene spent a couple of days crying, she didn’t know whether to feel angry because a person she lived with killed her child or sad because she killed a person that she ever loved. She wanted to commit suicide, that would be the best absolution of all her problems. She was thinking about her life, what was the problem? Maybe that everyone stayed with her just because of her money, all her snobbish friends and her husband as well. It was the first time she wished she didn’t have money. A voice of a helicopter could be heard at a distance. Did the rescue finally came? In a few minutes a helicopter landed on the field. An old pilot got off and walked towards the camp. Is there anybody? an old pilot shouted Yes, I’m here. Helene replied An old pilot got inside the camp. Oh my gosh, who’s that? It was my husband. She said with tears in the

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